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News about The Koyal Group Wholesale new Arrivals
Modern Elegance: All New Chevron and Sequin Table Runners

Corona, CA – September 20th, 2013 – Just in time for the busy holiday season, Koyal Wholesale announces the brand new launch of its all new Chevron Table Runner and Sequin Table Runner Collections. Inspired by fashions latest trends, our Chevron Table Runners and Sequin Table Runners are the newest addition to our growing Table Runner Line.

Chevron Table Runners are available in 11 Stylish Colors including: Black Chevron Table Runners, Coral Chevron Table Runners, Diamond Blue Chevron Table Runners, Fuchsia Chevron Table Runners, Gray Chevron Table Runners, Navy Blue Table Runners, Red Chevron Table Runners, Royal Blue Chevron Table Runners, Royal Purple Chevron Table Runners, Turquoise Chevron Table Runners, and Yellow Chevron Table Runners.

Sequin Table Runners are also available in 13 Ultra Chic Metallic Colors: Gold Sequin Table Runners, Silver Sequin Table Runners, Black Sequin Table Runners, Brown Sequin Table Runners, Charcoal Gray Sequin Table Runners, Diamond Blue Sequin Table Runners, Fuchsia Sequin Table Runners, Lime Green Sequin Table Runners, Pink Sequin Table Runners, Purple Sequin Table Runners, Red Sequin Table Runners, Royal Blue Sequin Table Runners , and Turquoise Sequin Table Runners.

Produced from 100% premium quality polyester cotton material, these new table runners are sustainable for rental use and purposes, as well as everyday decorative usage. Chevron Table Runners measure approximately 12 "L x 108" H, while the Sequin Table Runners measure approximately 13 "L x 108" H, booth fitting most standard tables. Set these table runners atop Koyal Wholesale's selection of table cover cloths and table overlays to complete the look and feel of your event. Get yours today before they run out, as they are quickly selling out!

Rose Table Runners, Damask Table Runners (in Organza and Taffeta Styles), Satin Table Runners and more wedding or event merchandise are also available through www.koyalwholesale.com.

Charm with A Classic: Koyal's Vintage Favors Collection

Corona, CA – June 4th, 2013 – Delight guests at your upcoming event with an old school classic charm with Koyal Wholesale's just released Vintage Favor Collection. Vintage theme products are the latest trend in Wedding favors and Baby Shower favors. As the newest additions to Koyal Wholesale's personalized favor selection, these classic and elegant vintage favors are customized with a personal touch to suit any fancy soiree, reminiscent of any Jane Austen classic novel.

Available in both Wedding and Baby Shower themes, these sophisticated and chic favors are personalized to your desired tastes with a variety of design assortments, along with dates, names and other personal messages meant for the reveling guests celebrating your upcoming special occasion. The all new vintage collection includes baby shower candy tube favors, baby shower milk bottles favors, baby shower mini glass bottles, baby shower notebook favors, baby shower lemonade mixes (with optional whisks available), baby shower candy boxes, baby shower mint favors, baby shower jelly bean packs, baby shower candle tins, baby shower cookie mixes and much more. The collection also includes wedding lollipop favors, wedding candy jars, wedding mint tin favors, wedding gum box favors, wedding favor playing cards, wedding favor muffin mixes, wedding cocoa mix favors (with optional whisks), and wedding seed packet favors.

Personalization is included at no additional charge and a minimum of 24 favors are required for each order. Processing time prior to shipment for these favors are generally between 5-10 business days, due to customization. A rush option is also available for all rush orders. Shop now for these affordable Vintage favors now while supplies last!

The Koyal Group Wholesale new Arrivals of International Customers
Located internationally? Koyal Wholesale is an industry leader in providing international customers unique wedding and special event products at affordable shipping prices. Please see information pertaining to your country to help facilitate your order process.


-All international packages ship via FedEx International for tracking and insurance purposes.

-Any broken or damaged items will be credited back to account upon claims approval by FedEx.
Canada Wedding and Event Supplies

Koyal Wholesale can ship nearly all items from our wedding and special event supplies collection to Canada. Some restrictions may include certain types of glass vases. Normal processing and delivery time can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on size of order, items ordered and location within Canada. If you need items within 1 week, please notify us to see if we can accommodate your request. We ship via FedEx International Priority and FedEx International Economy.

United Kingdom Wedding and Event Supplies

Koyal Wholesale can ship everything to the United Kingdom except:

-Glass vases

-Centerpiece mirrors

Normal shipping and processing time can vary from 1-2 weeks, depending on size and complexity of order. Most orders are processed to ship within 1 week of order payment and placement. We ship all packages via FedEx International Priority and FedEx International Economy.

Australia Wedding and Event Supplies

Koyal Wholesale can ship everything to Australia, except:

-Raffia fans

-Glass vases

-Centerpiece mirrors

Normal shipping and processing time can vary from 1-3 weeks, depending on size and complexity of order. Most orders are processed to ship within 1 week of order payment and placement. We ship all packages via FedEx International Priority and FedEx International Economy.

Other Countries

We can ship most items from our collection of wedding and event supplies to nearly every major part of the world. We cannot ship:


-Centerpiece mirrors

Most orders will take between 1-3 weeks processing and delivery time based on size of order, location, and time of payment. Our international team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction throughout the order process.

International Checkout Process-All International Clients

Step 1. Please place your international order online to receive a shipping quote.

Step 2. Please proceed with the checkout process and confirm your order. Once the $5.00 USD NON-REFUNDABLE International Shipping Quote Fee is paid, you may proceed to checkout.

Step 3. Once the fee is paid and your order is placed, you will receive an order number. An international specialist will email within 1-2 business days with your shipping quote. The shipping quote will not include duties and taxes of your respective country.

Step 4. If you approve your quote, please confirm with our international team. Payment information will be instructed to you for your total order amount. Please note: Large orders may require payment via fax or wire transfer for security concerns.

The Koyal Group Wholesale’s Interactive Service
Koyal Wholesale does not only have a comprehensive array of items for weddings and special events, it also has an extremely user-friendly approach to helping its customers achieve their dreams and keep loving memories of them for many years to come.

Here are some of the benefits that customers derive from creating their own Koyal Wholesale account:

1.      Once a customer makes an order, he or she can track the status of the order online. This helps the customer to schedule and budget their future purchases while waiting for existing orders to arrive.
2.      Regular clients can also access their order history, that is, check whatever purchases have been made and completed in order to avoid duplications.
3.      Customers derive faster shopping and checkout of goods. Notice how some customers were surprised to receive their orders ahead of time.
4.      Customers get special deals and discounts as registered Koyal Wholesale patrons. 
5.      Customers get exclusive first-looks at new event products.

Aside from the above benefits, every customer who wants to do business with Koyal Wholesale can have other service conveniences they can avail of. One is the live chat support through Koyal’s staff to allow customers to make orders and get assistance on any concern they may have.

Customers can also keep up-to-date with items and designs through Koyal’s trend news, sales on special items and also avail of coupons. They get product reviews from Koyal Wholesale as well as from other customers. One needs only to check Koyal Wholesale’s webpage in order to see that what we say here is true.

Grocery shopping has never been this easy and fun! And you can do it practically from the comforts of your home or office. And if you are on vacation somewhere in the tropics, well, you can do that as well.

Koyal Wholesale is wholesale experience you want to remember along with your most cherished personal and family moments.

Koyal Group Discounts: How Testimonials Prove the Koyal Group Wholesale Success Story
No other proof gives more convincing power to a company’s capability than the good word people put in on their behalf. Unsolicited or not, positive feedback for the good work done by someone is like refreshing rain after a long drought.

When people do their job well in spite of the difficulties encountered, the value of their work is prized well by those who have the same dedication to their own work. And such people pay good money for good service. From the smallest party favour which could be as simple and cheap as a ribbon around a candle to the most expensive cake, one can always see the amount of work put into making it. We all feel a sense of joy and inspiration in something that is a product of both pure creativity and love. But the pinnacle of such commitment to excellence is the expression of satisfaction coming from people who appreciate the work done.

Testimonials are a sign of that human recognition for the striving for excellence. It is not merely a simple thanksgiving in compliance to a social or religious norm. It is a symbol of our common striving for perfection in all that we do. Even the cave men must have done implements that made them worthy craft-makers or even accomplished inventors in their own rights. The fact that they were able to make beautiful paintings and efficient tools is quite impressive to many modern artists and engineers. What more with the pyramid builders?

It is not surprising that Koyal group discount should highlight the testimonials given by its many customers. It is not self-praise; far from it. Neither is it lifting their own worth for all to see. It is, in fact, recognizing the truth that people see excellence as it is and appreciating it by becoming part of it and acknowledging the joy they derived from doing so. 

It is obvious that Koyal group sale have attained a level of excellence that is known worldwide. Its webpage is by itself a testimonial of that fact.

The Wholesale Group Koyal Discounts: One-Stop Group Shop
Multi-tasking has become a common thing nowadays. Yes, it has been around for centuries we must admit; but the level at which it is done in our present technological age is far more extreme. The tasks needed to prepare for a wedding in ancient times were primarily done not by the bride and groom but the people around them. Parents, in certain societies, arranged and prepared the marriage for the couple who may not have met or talked to each other until the wedding day. So, how could they have done anything together to make their day of marital union a memorable and successful event they and their children will remember? Not even dry pressed roses to recall their first kiss or first date.

Several decades ago when event organizers were uncommon, however, the bride and the groom, with some help from their close friends, had to do almost everything to make a wedding happen. From designing the invitations, having them printed to sending them off, both had to handle each job. And this was done while they talked to sponsors and members of the entourage as to what motif the wedding will have, to caterers during the reception, the solemnizing priest or minister, the choir who will provide music and also to their parents who will be given some important parts in the event.

Add to that the many small but necessary things that go with the wedding ceremony. In some cultures, the couple will have other requirements beyond the necessary rings, cord, candles, flowers, doves and cakes, such as dowries and additional exotic apparels and regalia.

No wonder that the couple will have been very tired by the time the last guest has left the event and they are left all alone to enjoy one another – which is what the wedding and marriage is all about. Unless we have forgotten that it is so.

The pioneers of Koyal Group Wholesale must have had the very same experience and sought to unburden others from the same agony. And what a good thing it must feel for the would-be married couples to let go of the tiring minor tasks so they can take care of the major hurdles.

Koyal Wholesale Group is a one-stop shop where such a dream can come true. Who said a couple had to wait for the wedding night to begin enjoying their lifetime partnership together?

The Wholesale Group Koyal Discounts: They’ve got it all it seems
Talk about wedding and special event decors and party favors, Koyal Wholesale must have it all. Never was there a more comprehensive array of everything you need for weddings, parties and any event you could think of on the planet – unless you have a way of holding a dine-in concert on the moon.

Koyal Wholesale, a company based in Corona, California, is a leading designer, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of wedding and special event supplies. It is considered as one the largest providers of events supplies in more than 90 countries worldwide. Its mission is to change the way the special events industry operates by providing world-class customer experience. And it is a promise they have kept.

And looking at Koyal Group’s array of supplies – from personally labelled water bottles to creatively-crafted flower vases to decorative accent lighting  – one can already feel the meticulous and dedicated artistic work they put into each and every item they offer. The feast of colors and designs whets any organizer’s desire to put up an enjoyable and memorable event for everyone.

This is one industry that has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few decades.  Wedding fairs are so common nowadays that one does not have to wait for June to come around every year to see one being held somewhere in the big cities of the world. The first institution, in spite of the naysayers, has not lost its appeal at all but has, in fact, gained a more appealing quality with the help of such companies as Koyal Group which provides fanciful and romantic ways of celebrating the fabled event. And why not? Everyone wants to have a wonderful wedding to remember.

Of course, weddings and events will not be complete without the attendant food-catering service. As such, Koyal Wholesale Group also offers catering supplies such as linens, cakes, cupcakes and other related materials needed for that purpose. Pick out the best color and design you prefer out of the many tablecloths and table runners they have posted on their webpage and also enjoy discounts.

By the way, Koyal Wholesale accepts only orders online and not walk-in inquiries. All for everyone’s satisfaction and convenience.