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The Koyal Group Wholesale new Arrivals FAQ
thekoyalwhole wrote in koyalwholesale
Price & Ordering

How do I place my order?
Do you accept orders by phone or fax?
Are the prices listed on the website wholesale or retail?
Why are some of the product prices different than before? Can I get a refund for the difference?

Discounts & Payment

Do you offer discounted pricing other than what is listed on your website? Do you offer distributor pricing?
Can I get a larger discount if I purchase over $1000?
Do you offer discounts for Non-Profit Organizations?
I have a California Resale Permit. How do I submit it?
Can I get refunded for orders placed prior to submitting my resale permit?
What are my payment options?
For large or international orders, why is a copy of my driver's license and credit card requested?
Why do I need to pay via wire transfer?

Other Fun Stuff

Do you offer a drop-ship program?
How do I register and open an online account with Koyal Wholesale?
Do you have a minimum order requirement?
Can I buy less than a case?
Do you offer net terms?
Do you have an affiliate program?
Can I request a catalog?